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Yakima County Task Force for the Homeless

Date: Nov 18, 2019
Time: 1:30 PM


The primary purpose of the Yakima County Homeless Coalition is to develop and review the Yakima County 5-Year Plan, which will be reviewed annually by the Board of County Commissioners, who is the local legislative authority and holds the ultimate responsibility for the homeless housing programs within Yakima County, as outlined in RCW 43.185C.
In December 2018, Yakima County Commissioners approved the creation of a task force, named the Yakima Homeless Coalition, to be an all-inclusive group of community members to address homelessness in the Yakima Valley.

The Yakima Homeless Coalition will seek to better understand the scope and causes of homelessness in the valley, the systems in place to address homelessness, and will consider the range of concerns and potential solutions identified by the community. The Yakima Homeless Coalition will identify and recommend a set of short- and longer-term actions that our community can undertake to address these issues. These recommendations will be essential in updating Yakima County’s 5-year Homeless Plan. Coalition membership will be open and include individuals with a breadth of experiences and roles in the community including elected officials, business owners, faith community, school district representatives, service providers, property owners, residents, and advocates for the homeless.

Meetings are open to the public.

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Yakima County Homeless Coalition

Executive Committee Members:
  • County Commissioner Representative: Mike Leita, term determined by BOCC
  • City of Yakima Representative: Brad Hill, term determined by City of Yakima
  • YHC Representative: Rhonda Hauff, April 2019-December 2020 (1 year)
  • For Profit Business Representative: Kyle Curtis, April 2019-December 2020 (1 year)
  • YVCOG Member Representative: Joan Souders, (2 year)
  • YHC Representative: Mike Johnson, April 2019-December 2021 (2 years)
  • Homeless/Formerly Homeless Individual: Kelly Penfold, April 2019-December 2021 (2 years)
  • YHC Representative: Tino Alonso, April 2019-December 2022 (3 years)
  • Public Safety Representative: Joseph Brusic, April 2019-December 2022 (3 years)
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