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Formation of the Master Development Strategy is predicated on several years of evaluation and preparation through the work of the Long-Range Planning Committee, Board of Directors and staff of the Central Washington Fair Association.
Critical steps and actions leading to this stage of work include:

  • Establish appropriate land use zoning for State Fair Park
  • Annex property into the City of Yakima
  • Develop a set of land use guidelines
  • Secure infrastructure and facilities renovation funding through the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration and Yakima County.
A key element of the State Fair Park Master Development Strategy is the formation of AGRI-FAIR of the AMERICAS, an International Agricultural Exposition and World Symposium.  Agriculture and agricultural production, science and technologies are the primary economic engines of the Yakima Valley and Central Washington region.  In fact, Yakima County is No. 1 in agriculture production in the state and leads the region in agribusiness.
Historically, the roots of the Central Washington State Fair are deeply set in extolling the products and values of agriculture to the people of Washington and the world. Beginning in the late 1890's, the Fair demonstrated the most essential element of food production, and assurance of a harvest, irrigation.  In a semi-arid region, the distribution and management of water resources for agriculture was critical to survival of local and regional populations as well as promoting economic development.  Today, irrigation systems remain foundational to agriculture, increasing crop production beyond the dreams of Yakima's early settlers.
Now, and into the foreseeable future, agriculture is a primary source of economic stability, human nutrition, commerce, and business development.  The physical and functional capacity of State Fair Park to grow the Central Washington State Fair, implement AGRI-FAIR of the AMERICAS and produce other non-fair events must be addressed.  The Master Development Strategy establishes facility improvements, defines operational demands and the organizational structure required to facilitate significant new directions in business development and community service.
We invite the reader to consider the State Fair Park Master Development Strategy and its benefits to the region as the plan progresses toward implementation.


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