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Basis of the Strategy

The Master Development Strategy defines business development and investment objectives, required site and facilities improvements, operational needs, staffing and financing methods that prove feasibility of capital investments implementation of AGRI-FAIR of the AMERICAS and managing events production growth.

The plan is formulated through guidance of the Central Washington Fair Association Long Range Planning Committee and staff which have participated throughout the research and planning process. The tasks carried out in organizing the plan are: 

  • Establish strategic objectives that integrate site and area limitations or opportunities with needed and sustainable renovation projects and capital improvement concepts predicated on events production and operational criteria.
  • Identify actions necessary to protect and enhance existing event production qualities, including the annual Central Washington State Fair, and valued and historical physical assets.
  • Organize conceptual site and land use plans that facilitate the footprints of existing and new facilities, and existing and new events production requirements.  Identify design and development principles that insure functional integrity of State Fair Park.
  • Prepare a 10-year phased and prioritized implementation schedule for site and facilities improvements.
  • Calculate capital development cost projections based on 2009 dollar values and prepare Capital Investment Programs (CIP) for each implementation phase.
  • Establish a Master Development Strategy with sufficient definition to administer business development and public and private investment decisions.
Involvement of the Washington State Department of Agriculture, US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, Washington State University, Yakima County, the City of Yakima and several community service organizations, financial institutions and representatives or agribusiness, trade, transportation, ports an vocational institutions have been beneficial in steering organization of the plan and maintaining the basis of its formation.


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