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Land Use & Neighborhoods

Land use considerations are predicated on production requirements of indoor and outdoor space. Within the overall property the basic separation of land use definitions fall into two categories. They are the Production area and the Support area. The production area is distinguished by land uses or what is called “Neighborhoods” designated by the character, scale and operational requirements of events or activities
produced therein. There are three basic architectural themes functioning within the land use "Neighborhoods” of State Fair Park. They are “Classic’, “Farm” and “Modern”. The transition from one neighborhood (use area) to another is facilitated by the Promenade which creates a north and south axis, and lateral (east and west) circulation corridors connecting to secondary north and south axis. The entire production area forms a cluster of neighborhoods that have been given titles as follows.
  • Expo Place
  • The Commons
  • Market Place
  • Equestrian & Livestock
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Administration
The support area consists of site and facility Improvements that sustain production and operations of all activities. This includes parking areas, concessionaire parking, vehicle gates, access drives and a Warehouse and maintenance complex. The Master Development Strategy also considers acquisition of a 0.98 parcel known as the Riebe property located on East Nob Hill at the south east corner of State Fair Park. The plan includes public works improvements to East Nob Hill for right turn lane to access the future South Parking areas and an on-site development program that includes demolition, renovation, relocation and new development activity within a 10 year implementation schedule. Three Development Sequences have been organized and are determined on the basis of retaining current production capabilities while establishing improved facilities that accommodate new production demands while enhancing existing events.
Expo Place
The Commons
Market Place
Equestrian & Livestock
Sports & Recreation
Parking, Maintenance,
       Warehouse, Support
289,000 sf
80,000 sf
557,000 sf
106,000 sf
490,000 sf
209,139 sf
1,731,139 sf
6.6 acres
1.8 acres
12.8 acres
2.5 acres
11.2 acres
4.8 acres
39.7 acres
70.9 acres
110.6 acres
1,731,139 sq
4,815,850 sf
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