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State Fair Park serves as an important contributor to the regional economy. The Master Development Strategy articulates functional and physical improvement objectives that protect and enhance the annual Central Washington Fair, establish Agri-Fair of the Americas and prepare the site and facilities to function more effectively as an events center. In so doing, a stronger production profile will emerge that supports regenerative and sustainable economic development values.

The Master Development Strategy identifies principal improvement objectives and establishes a strategy whereby the Central Washington Fair Association can achieve

Capital improvement projects and the development sequence are designed to provide effective advancement in the development process while maintaining and growing production capacity.

In advancing through implementation, it is essential to safeguard the development sequence and the time lines identified. The critical path defining architectural, engineering and project(s) development requirements sets forth an aggressive Ten year time/action schedule that must be respected in order to achieve implementation. The time lines and actions may modify as conditions are met and progress reveals challenges in undertaking renovation work such as demolition and relocation activity, and installation of infrastructure/utilities.

The LMA planning team has evaluated the challenges to be encountered and recommend that the Central Washington Fair Association consider the following actions which should strengthen capacity to undertake the development program.

  • Architect of Record: Recommended that the Architect of Record be established to oversee all design and development programs.
  • Project Management: Recommended that a project management individual or company be employed to manage the construction process.
  • Organization and Staffing: Recommended that the Association establish a functional organization structure that will facilitate year-around production, marketing, maintenance and operations demands.
  • Cooperative Development: Recommended the Association seek cooperative financing through ordinance, grants, loans and public and private agreements.
  • It is recommended that every effort be made to advance the development program on the basis of economic development principals using federal and state funding programs.

Implementation will require a firm commitment to engage architectural and engineering services and project management services with the capacity to undertake administration of multi-tasking activities related to design, entitlement, permitting and construction activities. The critical time line and path to successful project development will also require cooperative efforts of the City of Yakima, Yakima County, the State of Washington and any governmental agencies with jurisdiction or permitting authority. Implementation of the Master Development Strategy, in terms of build-out, requires a carefully managed design, entitlement and development process. Priority for initial improvements will focus on demolition of the Grandstand and other minor structures, clearing the designated site area and developing improvements scheduled for Development Sequence One. The implementation process may require advancement of several projects in tandem or simultaneously.

The following outlines key actions leading to project(s) implementation.
  • Surveys and Geology/Testing
  • Documentation of Conditions
  • Facilities Programming Refinement
  • Schematic A&E Design
  • Construction Cost Estimates
  • Pre-Application Submittals
  • Land Use Review/Decision
  • Funding Approvals
  • A & E Design Development Plans
  • Design Development Cost Estimates
  • Construction/Bid Documents
  • Final Cost Estimates
  • Bidding, Contracts and Approvals
  • Final Plan Check and Permitting
  • Demolition Activities
  • Site Preparation
  • Construction
  • Project(s) Closeout
  • Commission Facilities
  • Start Operations
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