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Event Services and Equipment

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For gala events and trade shows, we are proud to call Bear Event Services our exclusive decorator.

Please be sure to check their website and FACEBOOK page for a complete list of their services.

State Fair Park also has the following in-house equipment and services available for your event:

Tables $10 per event (60" rounds or 8' long)
Chairs $ 1.25 per chair per event
Stage $12 per deck per event (4' x 8' decks)
Risers $12 per riser per event (4' x 8' x9")

Dance Floor (up to 21’x’21’)
$240 per event (black and white faux marble)

$100 for Modern Living Building
$100 for State Fair Room
$300 for Yakima Valley SunDome

Sound system w/hand held mic
$ 60 per event in State Fair Room
$120 per event in Pioneer Hall
$120 per event in Modern Living Building
$300 per event in Yakima Valley SunDome

Easels (hold up to 5 lbs) $10 per day

Photo copies .25 cents each

Forklift with State Fair Park operator $36 per hour (one hour min)

Water Truck with State Fair Park operator $40 per hour

$100 per event

Sweeper with State Fair Park operator $40 per hour

Barricades (bike style) $ 12 each per event (8' sections)

Dumpster (25 yard) $250 per event

Picnic tables and benches $10-$15 each per event

Chainlink Fence $25 per panel per event (10' panels)

Note: All items/services are subject to prevailing tax
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