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Facilities Improvement Objectives

Facilities renovation and capital improvements at State Fair Park are to address operational requirements of Agri-Fair of the Americas, the annual Central Washington State Fair and non-fair events.  Current capital improvements are focused on utilities and structures renovation.  Projects selected by the Association and approved by the Yakima County Commissioners include electrical infrastructure improvements and facility renovation.  The structures targeted for renovation are:
  • Modern Living Building
  • Pioneer Hall
  • Agriculture Building
  • SUNDOME - State Fair Room
Strategic planning undertaken by the Long-Range Planning Committee during 2007 and 2008 defined a preliminary set of objectives to guide formation of the Master Development Strategy.  The objectives are stated as land use concepts.

Land Use Areas - Neighborhoods:
1.  The Commons
2.  Exposition Place
3.  Equestrian & Livestock
4.  Market Place
5.  Sports & Recreation
6.  Administration
Sub Total: 


12.8 Acres
  6.6 Acres
11.2 Acres
  2.5 Acres
  4.8 Acres
  1.8 Acres
39.7 Acres

Support Areas:
1.  Parking, Maintenance Warehouse Support


70.9 Acres       

Total Property:                                   

110.6 Acres

The Master Development strategy work is structured to establish design and development guidelines, costs, implementation phases and the financing methods, economic performance and organizational structure required to manage and operate the annual fair, existing non-fair programs and the Agri-Fair of the Americas event with its symposium series.  The following defines five key objectives that the Master Development Strategy is to achieve.
  1. Establish strategic objectives that integrate site and area limitations or opportunities with needed and sustainable renovation projects and capital improvement concepts predicated on events production and operational criteria.
  2. Identify actions necessary to protect and enhance existing event production qualities, including the annual Central Washington Fair, and valued and historical physical assets.
  3. Organize conceptual site and land use plans that facilitate the footprints of existing and new facilities, and existing and new events production requirements.  Prepare on-site facilities design concepts.
  4. Prepare a 12-year phased implementation schedule for business development, capital investments and site and facilities improvements.
  5. Calculate capital development cost projections based on 2009 dollar values indexed to the Central Washington Statistical Area, and prepare Capital Investment Programs (CIP) for each implementation phase.  Prepare a phased capital improvement schedule correlated with business development criteria, event(s) production requirements, construction schedules, financing capacity and investment priorities.
The Master Development Strategy is scheduled to be ready for review and adoption by the Association and the Yakima County Commissioners on or about October 7th, 2009.  Procedures for its implementation will then be acted upon by the Board of Directors and the Executive Staff. 
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