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Event Profile


The Agri-Fair of the Americas concept was originally presented at a meeting of the Central Washington Fair Association Board of Directors in the fall of 2008.  In February 2009, the concept was discussed with the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA) at its Regional Office in Seattle, Washington.  Agri-Fair of the Americas is founded on principles of domestic and international economic development through establishing a symposium and exposition platform for agriculture and agri-industries development in the Yakima region, state of Washington, and the Pacific Northwest region.  The world symposium will facilitate educational, technical and products demonstration while the annual Agri-Fair event will facilitate exposition and demonstrate a full compliment of agri-industry equipment, technologies, products and services for western hemisphere markets and other international interests.
Agri-Fair of the Americas will introduce its inaugural trade event when all organizational, advertising and logistical work is complete.  The symposiums will precede the main annual Agri-Fair event by approximately 10 months and will focus on a number of subjects including the following.

  • AGRITEC:  An agricultural technologies symposium for the presentation, evaluation and testing of new products, equipment and applications in the field of agriculture, food production, processing, storage and distribution.

  • AGRINUTRITION:  A gathering of education, medical, government, industry and health leaders to exchange data and examine studies related to human and animal nutrition, food safety and product security in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • AGRISCIENCE:  A combined academic, government and business exposition, and exchange of emerging agricultural scientific research related to soils, aquatics, food, fuels and industrial applications of agriculture.
  • AGRIMARKETING:  A symposium and lecture series focused on new market development, expansion of existing markets, market sustainability indexing, advertising and marketing methods, technologies and resources in the Americas and world-wide.
The AGRITEC symposium may also focus on export banking and finance tied to agricultural science, technology an manufacturing engaged in food production, processing, storage and distribution.  AGRITEC and similar symposiums will be produced on a bi-annual cycle beginning as an export program for agricultural equipment, science, technologies and services.  The symposium will be complemented with banquets, entertainment, recreational and cultural activities.  Additional symposiums will be hosted and produced with emphasis on the subjects outlined above and other agricultural subjects that advance agri-industries in domestic and international markets.  The symposiums will serve as cultural relations activities that extol international foods culinary practices, farming methods, nutrition, agri-products and other agricultural related products for the domestic commercial applications.
When possible, the AGRITEC symposium and all other symposiums as well as the annual Agri-Fair of the Americas will be complemented with cultural activities, expositions, demonstrations and themed entertainment reflective of the participating nations' and their national and cultural heritage.

AGRI-FAIR of the AMERICAS - Event Objectives

 1. To establish an institutionalized forum where industrialists, scientists, teachers, students, government leaders, agencies, and merchants participate in commercial exchange of capital products, technologies, systems and services that contribute to the production, processing and distribution of food, thus, improving health and economic conditions of domestic populations and people worldwide.

 2. To establish Agri-Fair of the Americas as a producer and facilitator of international trade for both the export and import of equipment, products and services, and as a facilitator of symposiums and educational seminars to advance understanding and participation in trade activities with the United States, the Americas and other nations.
 3. To assist selected growers, processors, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and service providers in establishing or strengthening themselves and their organizations in the domestic market and as exporters. To research and discover ways to enhance existing markets and develop new markets, and secure long-term relations with foreign business and the governments of other nations in the Americas and world wide.
 4. To facilitate a transfer of knowledge, technologies and methods of food production, processing, packaging and distribution for established, as well as emerging countries and economies, particularly in the Americas.
 5. To identify and monitor the evolution and dynamics of markets and forecast regional and continental needs and resources for improving human health, which may be achieved through advancement in agriculture technologies, food production, processing and distribution systems.
 6. To implement the Agri-Fair of the Americas as an international marketing tool that identifies and facilitates Washington State commercial, governmental and financial linkages for domestic and international economic development.
 7. To establish State Fair Park as a center of high-grade facilities that support the production needs of international trade events, including symposiums, expositions and entertainment, and to serve as a catalyst for employment development in the Yakima Valley region, state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region.
 8. Build farm and agricultural industries prosperity through free enterprise advancing the application of low-tech and high-tech systems into production, processing, storage and distribution of food products for human and domestic animal consumption.
 9. Encourage regional economic integration and cooperation through advancement of international trade activities. Broaden commercial relations with foreign markets. Expand international trade opportunities through public/private sector partnerships and alliances with universities and other educational institutions.
10. Save and create jobs that enhance worker's and their families future prospects, ramp-up levels of employment and promote skilled and higher-paying jobs in all sectors of agricultural business, industries and economies.


Agri-Fair of the Americas has the task of establishing and maintaining alliances with governments, partnerships with private industry and universities, business relationships with producers, associations and farmers.  Such alliances, partnerships and relationships will be formulated with those that have an expressed desire and need to associate in an environment of practical opportunities for new market development. International and domestic participants who conduct business at State Fair Park in relation to Agri-Fair of the Americas will have linkage to the Public Ports of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  They will also have access to the extended benefits of a Foreign Trade Zones,  financial institutions, governmental financial assistance, trade experts, and the services afforded through area accommodations, hospitality, recreation and entertainment.
Many Washington-based agri-industry and food production, processing, storage and distribution businesses have the resources to expand production to address growing world markets.  A major focus of Agri-Fair of the Americas is to facilitate functional needs of research and development and help incubator equipment and technology companies to compete in the delivery of services, technologies and products that respond to the world marketplace.  The event and associated symposiums will be programmed to provide extensive educational, informational and technical training to aid participants in financing export business objectives through export banking entities and the Agri-Fair of the Americas financial partners.
Agri-Fair of the Americas at State Fair Park will also be a forum for product display and market testing to determine consumer acceptance, market depth and pricing/purchase patterns of foreign products.  State and Federal agencies will provide resources and technical assistance necessary to ensure that buyers and sellers engage in business and logistical relationships that are within the rules and regulations of domestic and international trade.
Agri-Fair of the Americas is designed to enhance rapid development and deployment of low-tech agri-science and a range of technologies, communications systems, processing, transportation and financial management programs.  The concept is complementary to the formation of national, continental and world trade agreements and the assistance provided to developing nations through the US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Commerce, US Agency for International Development (USAID) and similar federal or state and local agencies.
The program is coupled to basic cluster economic development principles.  Its focus is on Pacific Northwest agricultural specialization in relation to established and developing countries.  Its application will result an improved trade, promoting free market principles which constitute significant potential for new jobs domestically as well as for advanced and developing nations.


Preliminary assessments conclude that there is strong political, business and public support environment for advancing agricultural and international trade in the local and regional business environment.  A key objective of Agri-Fair of the Americas is to establish linkage among government, private industry, educational institutions and key political figures which have an interest in agriculture and promoting domestic and international trade.

As a private, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation conducting business for over 100 years, the Association (Central Washington Fair Association) will work in an alliance and partnering environment with government, associations, civic organizations, academic institutions and private business.  The focus of effort will be to strategically and aggressively increase trade and economic development through an institutional framework and financing structure that ensures adequate capital an operational funding.  State Fair Park is in a strategic location, geographically situated in the heart of Washington State.  It is in the No. 1 agriculture producing county of the state.  Its affiliation with the State Department of Agriculture, proximity to land, rail, air and marine transport systems, ports, and its on-site exhibition facilities and organizational experience, collectively demonstrate capacity and potential to facilitate implementation of Agri-Fair of the Americas.
Recently, the Economic Development Administration has been an effective partner with the Association for implementation of electrical infrastructure.  The construction work which EDA helped finance through a Public Works grant is currently in progress.  The improvements will facilitate electrical services to structures scheduled for renovation in 2010 and new facilities that will be defined in the Master Strategic Plan now in progress, to be completed in October 2009.
The CWFA, in preparing for implementation of Agri-Fair of the Americas has begun to assess key staffing, functional and operational elements that facilitate governmental relationships.  The Association is working to establish business procedures that are conducive to organizing programmatic, operational and logistical requirements that ensure a progressive and stable advancement of the facilities development and program implementation process.  Alternative and necessary financial/accounting management procedures, marketing and advertising and administrative procedures are each being considered in context of the Agri-Fair of the Americas production requirements.

Participant Countries

Primary Countries
San Salvador
Costa Rica


French Guiana


Alternative Countries
Cote d'Ivoire
Republic of Mozambique
Republic of South Africa

Republic of Zimbabwe
South Korea

Industries & Services

Industry Categories
Agri-Science Technologies
Agriculture Field Equipment
Communication Technologies
Computer Technologies
Container/Storage Systems
Food Processing Plants
Food Processing Technology

Forest Products
Irrigation, Technology & Equipment
Packaging Equipment
Refrigeration Technology
Shipping Tracking Systems
Soils & Plant Science
Testing Systems
Transportation Equipment (Field & Plant Operations)
Transportation Equipment (Intermodal)
Truck Crops


Export Services Categories
Agri-Science & Engineering
Commodities Transfer & Bunkering
Computer Programming


Finance, Banking & Monetary Exchange
Language Translation
Logistical Support Services
Systems Design & Engineering
Technical Services
Training & Education
Transportation Services

Organizers & Producers

Agri-Fair of the Americas is to become a 501(c)5 non-profit entity organized under the federal statutes for international trade development and function as a companion organization of the Central Washington Fair Association.
The Agri-Fair of the Americas Association (AFAA) will establish public and private co-producers and sponsors to finance the symposiums and trade event, an to facilitate organization, marketing, production and operations.

Prospective Co-Producers & Sponsors
Aero Mexico
Alaska Airlines
Archer Daniels Midland
BankAmerica Corporation
BNFS Railroad Company
Cargill Corporation
Caterpillar Corporation
China Overseas Transport Company
CSX Freight
FDIC (Fidelity Deposit Ins. Co.)
Federal Express
Horizon Airlines
International Harvester
John Deere
Matson Lines Shipping
National Resource Center for Agri-Science & Technology
Nations Bank Corporation
Peerless Irrigation Systems
Qantas Airlines
Rainbow Irrigation Systems
Simplot Industries

Swift Trucking Corporation
Sysco Systems
Tidewater Marine Transport
United Parcel Service
US Agency for International Development
US Bank Corporation
US Council for International Business
US Department of Agriculture
US Department of Commerce
US Export-Import Bank
US Government Export Portal, Export.Gov
US Small Business Administration
Washington Federal Savings
WA State Dept. of Agriculture
Washington Public Ports Association
WA State Department of Community, Trade & Economic Development
WA State Farmers Market Association
WA State Trade & Commerce Agency
Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank
Western Union

Commodity Commissions, Bureau & Association

Commodity Commissions, Bureaus & Associations
Alpha Seed Commission
Apple Commission
Asparagus Commission
Beef Commission
Beer Commission
Blueberry Commission
Bulb Commission
Canola Commission
Cranberry Commission
Dairy Products Commission
Dry Peas & Lentil Commission
Fruit Commission
Fryer Commission
Grain Commission
Hop Commission
Mint Commission
Potato Commission
Puget Sound Salmon Commission
Red Raspberry Commission
Seed Potato Commission
Strawberry Commission
Tree Fruit Commission
Turfgrass Seed Commission
Wine Commission
Spokane Agriculture Bureau
Ag & Forestry Foundation
Western Washington Ag Association
Alfalfa Seed Growers Association
Cascade Harvest Coalition
Cattle Feeders Association
Cattlemen's Association
Cattle Producers of Washington
Christmas Tree Association, NW
Columbia Basin Development League
Columbia/Snake River Irrigators Assn.
Washington Assn. of Conservation Districts
Washington State Dairy Federation
Dry Pea & Lentil Council
Far West Agri-Business Association
WA State Farm Bureau
WA State Council of Farmer Cooperatives
Washington State Farmers Market Assn.


Washington Fish Growers Association
Washington Floricultural Association
North West Food Processors Association
NW Council of Food Processors
Washington Friends of Farms and Forests
Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Assn.
Washington State Grain
Washington State Grape Society
Washington Growers Clearing House Assn.
Washington Growers League
Washington Hay Growers Association
Hop Growers of America
Hop Growers of Washington
Washington State Horticulture Assn.
Western Washington Horticultural Assn.
NW Horticultural Council
Interstate Professional Applicators Assn.
Washington Livestock Marketing Assn.
National Farmers Organization
Washington Nursery & Landscape Assn.
NW Agriculture Business Association
Pea Growers Association
Washington Pest Control Association
Washington Pork Producers
NW Poultry Council
Rhubarb Growers Association
WA-North Idaho Seed Association
Puget Sound Seed Growers Association
Washington Sheep Producers Association
Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Assn.
WA Sustainable Food & Farm Network
Washington Tilth Producers
NW Turfgrass Association
Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association
Walla Walla Sweet Onion Marketing Committee
Washington Water Resources Association
Washington Wheat Growers Association
Washington Wine Grape Growers Assn.
Washington Wine Institute
Women for Agriculture Association
Washington Wool Growers Association
Yakima Valley Growers-Shippers Assn.

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