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Undertaking development of an international Agricultural Exposition and World Symposium is predicated on similar market, production and economic performance principles as, for example, the International Agri-Center and World Ag Expo in Tulare, California and other events in the Americas, Europe and Asia.  The exception being that emphasis is placed on a continuing symposium series focused on research, development, applications, markets, the economics of agricultural production, addressing the need to enhance support services as defined in the Washington State Department of Agriculture's Strategic Plan 2020 and Beyond.

The place for Agri-Fair of the Americas is State Fair Park located in the City and County of Yakima, Washington.  The primary annual Agri-Fair event hosts a variety of delegates, patrons, exhibitors and concessionaires.  They include business, government and academics, equipment manufacturers, trade specialists, market professionals, scientists, farmers, corporations and consumers.  Agri-Fair of the Americas engages domestic and foreign entities active in agricultural production, processing, packaging, transportation, marketing, storage, distribution and consumer and end-user applications of the full spectrum of agricultural products.
The Agri-Fair of the Americas event is the apex of the symposium series.  The event facilitates and demonstrates domestic and international advances in agricultural research and development, technologies, equipment, advertising and market expansion, trade relations, education, finance, nutrition and consumer/user and environmental interests.  The International Agricultural Exposition & World Symposium structure is to be programmed quarterly throughout the operating year.
The following are four examples of symposium content.

  • AGRITEC:  An agricultural technologies symposium for the presentation, evaluation and testing of new products, equipment and applications in the field of agriculture, food production, processing, storage and distribution.
  • AGRINUTRITION:  A gathering of education, medical, government, industry and health leaders to exchange data and examine studies related to human and animal nutrition, food safety and product security in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • AGRISCIENCE:  A combined academic, government and business exposition, and exchange of emerging agricultural scientific research related to soils, aquatics, food, fuels and industrial applications of agriculture.
  • AGRIMARKETING:  A symposium and lecture series focused on new market development, expansion of existing markets, market sustainability indexing, advertising and marketing methods, technologies and resources in the Americas and world-wide.
Agri-Fair of the Americas is founded on principles of regional cluster economic development through events sustained by site features and exposition facilities at State Fair Park.  Symposium activities will facilitate business development needs of established and incubating agribusiness, creating a world-class forum for the promotion of agri-products and services within domestic and international markets.  Domestic and international participants will be positioned to conduct business in an accessible and convenient Pacific Northwest location with business linkage to City, County and Regional Ports and Foreign Trade Zones within the State of Washington.  Additional benefits for exhibitors, delegates and participants include area and regional transportation systems, hospitality, recreation, entertainment and cultural and historical resources.
Recent assessments conclude that there is strong political, business and consumer support for advancing large, small and family owned agriculture industries in Washington state, and greater participation in multi-state, regional, national and international markets.  Agri-Fair of the Americas will strengthen linkage among Federal, State and local governmental agencies, private for-profit and non-profit organizations, trade associations, industry representatives, educators, scientists, manufacturers and other entities who have a vested interest in product development, sales and export/import trade activity in Washington, the Pacific Northwest region, the United States and Western Hemisphere.
State Fair Park will serve as a physical and operational resource that facilitates a platform for implementing the event and associated symposiums.  As a host and co-sponsor, State Fair Park amply qualifies in its capacity to foster the advancement of agriculture, its related economies and benefits to society.  This qualification is affirmed through a solid foundation of nearly 118 years as a leader in the nations fair and exposition industry.
Agri-Fair of the Americas will introduce its inaugural event when the necessary organizational structure and facilities improvements are in place and advance marketing has occurred.  AGRITEC is the first in a series of symposiums, followed by AGRINUTRITION, then AGRISCIENCE and AGRIMARKETING.
The premier event is the annual Agri-Fair of the Americas which has the objective of creating a forum where farmers, industrialists, scientists, merchants and trade ministers participate in the acquisition of capital products, technologies, systems and services that contribute to the production, processing, storage and distribution of food and other utilization of other agricultural products.
The event will facilitate a transfer of knowledge, technologies and methods of food production, processing, packaging and distribution for established, as well as, emerging markets, nations and economies, particularly in the Americas, and;
Establish State Fair Park as a point of identity with partnerships and facilities that support production of consumer and trade shows and events, including symposiums, expositions and entertainment, and serves as a catalyst for employment development in the Yakima Valley, Washington State, and Pacific Northwest region;
Build agricultural prosperity domestically and in emerging countries through enterprise development by advancing the application of low-tech and high-tech systems into the production processing, storage and distribution of food products for human and domestic animal consumption, and;
Create commerce that will enhance local and regional business development, employment opportunities, create sustainable levels of employment and promote industry advancement structures leading to higher skill demands and higher-paying jobs.
Agri-Fair of the Americas will involve several participants whose interests and mission statements are compatible with the business and economic development objectives of State Fair Park.  A partnership structure will be formalized to include the Washington State Universities, Colleges, research centers, the Yakima County SIED, the Washington State Department of Agriculture, US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, US Department of Agriculture, and other State and Federal Agencies.
The following is a representative list of industries, participants and sponsors: 

Export Industry Categories
Agri-Science Technologies
Agriculture Field Equipment
Communication Technologies
Computer Technologies
Container/Storage Systems
Food Processing Plants
Food Processing Technology
Irrigation, Technology & Equipment
Packaging Equipment
Refrigeration Technology
Shipping Tracking Systems
Soils & Plant Science
Testing Systems
Transportation Equipment (Field & Plant Operations)
Transportation Equipment (Intermodel)

Export Services Categories
Agri-Science & Engineering
Commodities Transfer & Bunkering
Computer Programming
Equipment Lease and Transfers
Finance, Banking & Monetary Exchange
Language Translation
Logistical Support Services
Systems Design & Engineering
Technical Services
Training & Education
Transportation Services


Prospective Co-Producers, Sponsors & Financial Resources

Alaska Airlines
Archer, Daniels, Midland
BankAmerica Corp.
Cargill Corporation
FDIC (Fidelity-Deposit Ins. Co.)
International Harvester
John Deere
Matson Lines Shipping
National Resource Center for Agri-Science and Technology
Peerless Irrigation Systems
Simplot Industries
Sysco Systems


US Agency for International Development
US Bancorp
US Council for International Business
US Department of Commerce
US Department of Agriculture
US Government Export Portal, Export Gov
US Export-Import Bank
US Small Business Administration
Washington Department of Agriculture
Washington Public Ports Association
Washington State Department of Community
Development, Trade & Economic Development
Washington State Farmers Market Assn.
Wells Fargo Bank
Western Union

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