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Appendix B

Agri-Fair of the Americas Program Content

The Agri-Fair of the Americas event production is organized into two distinct functions.  First are Symposiums; a series of events involving workshops, conferences, meetings, demonstrations, expositions, trade shows and specialized panels linked in real-time video dialogue with audiences located in countries throughout the world.  The subject matter of the symposiums varies according to the specific needs of the agriculture industry in all its related functions.  It is anticipated that the symposiums will be two to three day events that combine learning with cultural entertainment, food and social exchange, goodwill and building bridges of understanding.
Second is the International Agricultural Exposition; an annual event of three to five day duration held in the early spring of the year.  This event combines equipment, technology, science, resource data, products an services into a comprehensive show of the best and most advanced agricultural development qualities demonstrated by countries of the Americas and the world.  The event will include food and beverage sales, merchandising, demonstrations, workshops, special events, entertainment and specialized services for marketing, legal, financial, business development, shipping and other subjects associated with international trade activity.
The Symposium events are to be produced or co-produced by Agricultural Commissions, Bureaus, Associations, and Universities, Federal and State agencies and private corporations.  The International Agricultural Exposition production is administered by the Agri-Fair of the Americas Association (AFAA) with participation of domestic and foreign sponsors including governments, non-profits, private corporations, universities and other entities associated with agriculture.
The prospective elements of the International Agricultural Exposition are outlined below.

  • Interior and Exterior Exhibit Space
  • Number of Exhibitors
  • Food & Beverage Concessions
  • Patron Attendance
  • Exhibitors and Credentialed Persons
  • Entertainment Stages
  • Parking

1,480,000 sf.
5,800 vehicles

The prospective elements of the Symposiums are outlined below.

  • Number of Events Annually
  • Number of Event Days Annually
  • Annual Delegate Attendance
  • Meeting/Workshop Space
  • Exhibits Space
  • Number of Exhibitors (per event)
  • Food & Beverage Concessionaires (per event)
  • Merchandise Concessions (per event)
  • Entertainment Stages
  • Parking
64,000 sf.
192,000 sf.
3,200 vehicles
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