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Yakima Valley SunDome Renovations

The most recent renovations to the Yakima Valley SunDome include newly remodeled and enlarged restrooms.  New floors, walls, lighting, stall partitions, and "green" hand dryers (paperless) are now in place for both the men's and women's restrooms.  Eight (8) additional stalls were added in the women's restrooms.  These improvements were complete in June 2013 . The project was made possible through proceeds from a bond issued by Yakima County backed by hotel/motel revenues.

In 2004, the newer rectangular addition on the North side of the SunDome was part of a $2.7 million facility improvement made possible by a grant from the Capital Budget for the State of Washington.   This major expansion included six new locker rooms, an upstairs conference room (the State Fair Room), a new ticket office,  and additional seating. The new seats serve 600 more spectators. The Yakima Valley SunDome can hold up to 7,200 fans for WIAA State Tournament games, local highschool graduations, and concerts.  

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