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Truck Demolition Derby

Date: Sept 26, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM
Watch as trucks smash, crash, and dash until there is only one left standing! The Truck Demolition Derby at the Central Washington State Fair will be featured on three days!

Demo Derby - Saturday, September 25 @ 5pm
Truck Demolition Derby - Sunday, September 26 @ 2pm
Hornet 4-Cylinder Demolition Derby - Sunday, October 3 @ 2pm

Demolition Derby is FREE with Fair admission!
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Full size pickups only.

4x4 allowed if front drive shaft is removed.

Spreader bar must be put in box just behind cab. (minimum of 3" square or round tubing)

1 upright bar from floor to roof must be inside of cab as close to driver as possible to protect in case of roll over.

A maximum of 1"4" steel plate must be bolted to drivers side of vehicle minimum of 6" from each wheel well. (passenger side is optional)

Remove existing gas tank and replace with boat tank, fuel cell or other approved container. Mounted in box just behind cab next to spreader bar.

If dash is removed, a spreader bar must be put in place of it.

All glass and burnable materials must be removed (seats must remain).

Battery must be moved to inside of cab.

Minimum of a 3-point seatbelt harness must be used.

Minimum of 2 bars (rebar ok) must be put in both front and back window area to protect drivers from large debris items entering.

Doors, hood and tailgate must be chained (not welded).

Bumpers may be welded to frame.

Stock bumpers must be used for make and model of truck.


No distributor protectors, No engine cradles, No transmission protectors.

Must sign waiver and release form day of race.
Social Security Number required for any payout over $200.00
Questions, call Jeff Gruenberg {509-480-9112}
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