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WIAA 2A, 3A & 4A Volleyball

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Date: Nov 18 - Nov 20, 2021
THANK YOU for your support of this WIAA/Dairy Farmers of Washington/Les Schwab Tires State Championship event. The following information is provided in order to make the experience more enjoyable for you and everyone at the event.

Know Before You Go

Qualifying team names will be added by

Fans will be seated as “visitors” or “home” on each court. Signs will be posted above each section in the bleachers above each court. Top of the bracket is “visitors” and bottom of the bracket is “home.”

Yakima Valley SunDome
1301 S Fair Ave
Yakima, WA 98901

No outside food may be brought into the facility. All bags are subject to search. Parking at the SunDome is $10.

Lodging Information

Ticket windows will open 15 minutes prior to doors.

Doors will open 1 hour prior to the first match time of the day.

All spectators using WIAA passes (paper or plastic) to attend the event must enter through the Pass Gate. This includes: teams, event staff, media, corporate partners, and awards presenters. Anyone attempting to enter with a fraudulent event pass will be denied entry and may be subject to criminal trespass arrest. Anyone found with a fraudulent pass inside the facility will be removed and will be subject to criminal trespass arrest.

Northeast corner of building (SunDome doors closest to baseball stadium).

The school principal will appoint at least one school personnel member to supervise the school’s student body rooting section.
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COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

State Fair Park is committed to maintaining a safe and clean environment for our staff, guests and the larger community. As part of this commitment, we continue to have rigorous standards for sanitation and cleaning.

The following FAQs are to help you plan your visit to the Yakima Valley SunDome. Please understand these are updated based on current mandates and guidelines. We will continue to monitor public health situations and guidelines, in order to make thoughtful timely decisions based on guidance from our community partners and health agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to wear a mask to enter the Yakima Valley SunDome?

Do I have to wear a mask anywhere at State Fair Park?

What if I have a facial covering medical exemption?

At what age are masks required?

What if I don’t have a mask or forget to bring one?

Are hand-washing locations easily accessible?

Spectator Guidelines


All participants as well as spectators are expected to demonstrate sportsmanship and respect toward opponents and tournament officials at all times. Sportsmanship medals may be awarded after each race. Spectators who demonstrate inappropriate conduct or actions may be removed from the facility. WIAA state events are meant to provide a safe environment where everyone feels respected. Tournament managers and WIAA event personnel have the authority to remove individuals for inappropriate behavior or comments.

BALLOONS, SILLY STRING, AND ARTIFICIAL NOISEMAKERS are prohibited and will be confiscated. Band instruments are to be used only for playing music under the direction of the conductor and cheerleaders only may use megaphones.

Only school district accepted cheers may be used at appropriate times. Cheers and chants are to be directed only toward the school’s team. Cheers or yells with degrading opponent implications and profanity will not be allowed.

If outside paraphernalia is brought into the facility, schools may be billed for any additional clean-up costs.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”), also known as drones, is prohibited for any purpose by any persons at WIAA tournament venues. Tournament management shall refuse admission or entry to anyone attempting to use a UAV; and if necessary, tournament management shall remove anyone attempting to use a UAV and/or confiscate the UAV until the event has been completed.

For purposes of this policy, a UAV is any aircraft without a human pilot aboard the device.

An exception to this policy may be made in specific cases for WIAA broadcast partners, provided the management of the tournament facility permits the presence of UAVs for broadcast purposes under the control of the WIAA.

Face painting may be allowed depending upon local school district policies and the tournament site/facility.

Only a student costumed mascot, designated by the principal, is permissible.

Tournament sponsors, broadcast media coverage, official school banners and hand held signs that are positive and directed only toward the school’s team are permitted. Run through signs are not permitted.

Standing for prolonged lengths of time may be permissible at WIAA-sponsored athletic events, depending upon the tournament site/facility.
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