Taco Fest

Date: May 06, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Cost: $25-$100
A 21+ EVENT.

Let’s TACO ‘bout the Yakima Taco Fest! Join the Central Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in a celebration of our community and our business owners through delicious tacos and sweet Latin melodies.

This 21+ years old event brings together people of all cultures, places, and backgrounds and sells out every year. So make sure you purchase your tickets early!

Alright! Let's TACO 'bout the main course! The 2023 Yakima Taco Fest will have food vendors, drink vendors, and retail (merchants) vendors, along with yard games, music, photo booth stations, people's choice for taco and craft beverage vendors, and much more! We will be updating this page as we confirm more activities and vendor participation - stay tuned!


#1: BRING AN EMPTY STOMACH. Our food and drink vendors put a lot of thought behind what they are going to be serving you. Show them some love!

#2: BRING CASH and or a card (if that’s your thing). We are trying to move towards being a CASH and CARD event….so be kind to us and our volunteers as we work through this process.
*Taco purchases have moved back to the scrip-based system from your feedback. NOTICE: We want you to be prepared to purchase your churros, fruit cups, aguas frescas, market items, etc. with CASH and or CARD at each Vendor outside of TACOS and ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.
**Purchase TACO tickets at the ticket booth BEFORE you visit a taco vendor. Each taco ticket = 1 taco. When you run out of tickets, you can purchase more at the scrip/ticket booth using CASH and or CARD.
***Purchase DRINK tickets at the scrip booth BEFORE you can visit an alcoholic drink booth.

#3: BRING PATIENCE. We know you will come HANGRY since you have been fasting all week but please be patient and kind to our volunteers and vendors. We wouldn’t be having this event if it weren’t for them.

#4: BRING A BLANKET or PURCHASE the official YTF Blanket. Even with the move to a new venue, we will have some picnic tables around but not enough for all attendees. You are more than welcome to bring your own FOLDABLE chairs to lounge around while you enjoy the event. We understand that you will be holding a lot of items so bring a wagon - just no coolers, outside beverages and food, pop-up tents, propane tanks, and or heaters. IF YOU BRING THESE ITEMS, WE WILL NOT LET YOU IN THE EVENT UNTIL THEY ARE TAKEN BACK TO YOUR VEHICLE.

#5: DRESS FOR SPRING WEATHER. Spring weather can be unpredictable, with unpredictable temperature swings and extreme weather changes. But we assure you, NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP THIS YEAR’S YTF! 😊

#6 SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION. Love the food and drink? Tip the vendor! What better way to show our vendors that you love their goods than by giving them a little cheddar.
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  • The EVENT LOCATION IS NEW. We have grown so much that it was time to move to a new location.
  • For VIP: We kept the early admission with a 1-hour perk, which is shorty than previous years but fear not...we have created a VIP Experience for you to sit down, relax, and enjoy.
  • We are excited to continue to grow and showcase amazing TACOS at this community event, but we recognize that YTF is growing. We are now creating a space for a local Mercado (aka Market). The addition of a market will enhance the experience, plus give back to more local businesses.
  • Historically, the event has been a walk in the park - which is the charm we plan to KEEP even at the new event location. YTF is still an outside event.

Now… for the big NO, Nos:

#1: DO NOT GO OVER THE FENCE. There is a fence for a reason so please do not go over or under it to get in or out. There is only ONE way IN. A map will be given to you at the event.

#2: NO WEAPONS. DO NOT BRING… firearms, knives, weapons of any kind, outside food or drinks, coolers, pop-up tents, propane tanks, and or heaters. IF YOU BRING THESE ITEMS, WE WILL NOT LET YOU IN THE EVENT UNTIL THEY ARE TAKEN BACK TO YOUR VEHICLE. You will not be allowed in with any of these items. If you bring a bag, be prepared to be pulled aside so that our security can check your bag.

#3 NO PETS. We love our furry friends, but pets are NOT allowed (a service animal is not a pet).

#4 RESPECT THE CLOSING TIME. We don't want the event to end either but the event goes until 9 pm, which means that the last call for tacos and alcohol will be strictly adhered to. The last call time will be posted at the entrance and at the scrip booth locations.

Our amazing Presenting Sponsor for YTF 2023 is the VALLEY MALL - THANK YOU for being our biggest TACO lover!

Proceeds from the event benefit CWHCC to support small Hispanic businesses. Please note that CWHCC is a volunteer-led organization. Due to our full-time jobs, there may be a bit of a delay in responding to inquiries.


Taco Fest
Taco Fest
May 06, 2023 | 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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