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Yakima County Stadium

Constructed in 1993, Yakima County Stadium located at State Fair Park offers seating for 2,800.

Features of the Yakima County Stadium:
Offers permanent seating for 2,800 (1,500 seats with backs and 1,300 bleacher seating);
Two concession stands;
Separate barbecue area;
Four restrooms;
Umpires room for up to three umpires;
Two clubhouses with direct access from the clubhouse to the field of play;
Paved parking to accommodate 1,500 cars;
Scoreboard with a four-color message center and manually displayed numbers; and has a
Pressbox that will accommodate two radio broadcasts and eight print journalists

The outfield is surrounded by a 16’ tall wall. It is 293 feet down the left and right field lines, with quick increases in distance that create corners in both right and left field. It is 405’ to center field.

Yakima Valley Pippins Baseball 

Home to the Yakima Valley Pippins Baseball team, come out and enjoy a game!
For ticket information for the Yakima Valley Pippins, email or call (509) 575-8304.
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