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Promoter's Guide

Yakima Valley SunDome General Information

You can check availability and Request a Proposal now. We look forward to being of service!
Concert and Event Promoters interested in the Yakima Valley SunDome will find useful information about the facility here. If you have any questions that we have not addressed, please call 509.248-7160.

About the Yakima Valley

Located in Central Washington at 1301 South Fair Avenue, the Yakima Valley SunDome is a short drive from anywhere in the Pacific Northwest...which makes it an easily routable destination. The current population of of Yakima County is 250,000. For those events needing hotel availability more than 1,000 hotel rooms are located within a 1.5 mile radius of the Yakima Valley SunDome at State Fair Park. Many hotels offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the venue.

Mileage Chart to Yakima, WA
Boise, ID - 343 mi
Portland, OR - 185 mi
Seattle, WA - 145 mi
Spokane, WA - 200 mi
Vancouver, BC - 280 mi

Facility Overview

Seating Capacities

End Stage Event: 7,886

Center Stage Event: 7,740

1/2 House Event: 3,361

Arena Event: 5,549

Backstage Rooms

Ten Team/Locker Rooms

Room 1 605 sq.ft.

Room 2 605 sq.ft.
Room 3 1,000 sq.ft.
Room 4 652 sq.ft.
Room 5 652 sq.ft.
Room 6 1,000 sq.ft.
Room 7 621 sq.ft.
Room 8 575 sq.ft.
Room 9 575 sq.ft.
Room 10 621 sq.ft.

Production Offices

North Production Office 169 sq.ft.

South Production Office 130 sq.ft

Public Parking Capacity

Gold Lot: 180

North Lot: 1,126
South Lot: 180
East Lot: 279
Stadium Lot: 400

Total parking stalls: 2,165

Recreational Vehicles

The SunDome has parking available for 180 recreational vehicles located in the RV Park just southeast of the SunDome. Electrical and water hookups are available.

SunDome Floor

47,736 sq. ft. with all retractable seating retracted

21,060 sq. ft. with all retractable seating extended

Approx 57,000 sq. ft. usable space (including Concourse areas)

Meeting/Reception Rooms

State Fair Room

·5,830 sq.ft.


·Riverock fireplace

·Outdoor patio

City of Yakima Room

·550 sq. ft.


City of Union Gap Room

·550 sq. ft.


Bus Parking

Buses and Oversized Vehicles (20’ or more) can be accommodated only in the Stadium Lot. Vehicles pay for the number of stalls that they occupy.

Bus Load / Unload No Parking Zones are located in the Transit Lot.

Entertainer Buses Parking shore power 2 /240 v – 50 amp and 1/120 v - 30 amp service available on the east side of the SunDome.

Concourse/Lobby areas

West Concourse
approx. 4,500 sq. ft.

East Concourse
approx. 4,500 sq. ft.

Loading Areas

NE Load In Area floor load 20'W'x20'H

SE Load In Area floor load 16'Wx12'H
SW Load in Area floor load 10'W x12'H

Security/Ticket Provider

Crowd Management Services is our exclusive security provider

TicketsWest is our exclusive ticketing service provider.

Ticketing Services

Ticketing services for all Yakima Valley SunDome events are available through TicketsWest. TicketsWest is a full service ticket agency offering a state-of-the-art computerized outlet and box office ticket distribution system. TicketsWest presently has 20 outlets in Washington, Idaho and Montana. It also offers a nationwide charge-by-phone service as well as a web site ordering system

The Yakima Valley SunDome has two on-site Box Offices. One is located in State Fair Park Administrative Building at 1301 South Fair Avenue. Hours are 11:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. The other is located at the North West entrance to the Yakima Valley SunDome and is utilized on event days only.

Tickets purchased with cash or check are not subject to service charges when purchased at the Arena Box Office. (Restrictions may apply.)

Facility Rental Fees

Events: $3,700.00 minimum guarantee vs. 10% of gross ticket sales, whichever is greater, per performance.

Deposit: $1,750.00 must be paid before tickets go on sale or contracts are signed.

Ticketing: $700.00 minimum guarantee vs. 4% gross ticket sales with a cap of $3,700.00 per event day.

Move-in / Move-out days: $1,750.00 per day
Cleaning Fee: $600.00
Utility Fee: $300.00

Parking: The Yakima Valley SunDome reserves the right to collect parking revenue from all events.

Media and Promotion

The Yakima Valley SunDome provides creative deals/ideas in order to maximize promoter profits. Our staff will support and supplement marketing efforts with a strong, consistent social media outreach to the area at large. Our existing fan base via Facebook is currently at 24.1K followers and Instagram is at 2.4K followers. In addition, we have an "Insider's Club" that we can eblast announcements/promotions to over 19,000 subscribers.

Security/Usher/Personnel Rates

Crowd Management Services is the Yakima Valley SunDome’s exclusive guest services, crowd management, and security company. They are the protectors of fun!

Event Supervisor $22.50/hr
Event Service Rep. $22.00/hr
Supervisor $21.00/hr
Event Security $20.50/hr
Ushers / Ticket Takers $20.00/hr
Door Guards $20.00/hr
Note: All of the above are scheduled at (4) hours minimum .
Paramedics: prevailing rates
Set Up / Tear Down $19.50/hr
Switchboard Operator $19.50/hr

Note: All personnel service rates are subject to change without advance notice.

Guest Services For Events

Concession Areas by OVG360

Turning Fans into Fanatics!

OVG360 is the exclusive food and beverage provider for the Yakima Valley SunDome. Our goal at OVG360 is to exceed our client's expectations for each and every event.

The Yakima Valley SunDome offers six (6) Concession Stands.

Catering by OVG360

We create culinary experiences with live chef action stations and utilize local ingredients for fresh, authentic menu items. Our chefs love creating custom menus to fit your own-of-a-kind event. From small intimate gatherings to large galas, we are skilled at creating custom menus that will help make your event one to remember.OVG360 staff would love to meet with you and help you design the OVG360 catering menu that best fits your unique event, style, and taste.

Please contact Chef Sean McGuire, General Manager OVG360 at the Yakima Valley SunDome for more information.

ADA Compliant Services

The Yakima Valley SunDome is continually striving to be in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and features Disabled parking, family restrooms, disabled seating areas, access to restrooms and concession stands, and building signage.

Merchandise Sales & Operations

There are flexible opportunities for merchandise sales depending on the type of event and amount of merchandising desired. For information please call Misty Craft, TIcket Office Manager at 509.248-7160 or

Guest Assistance Personnel

A guest services booth is located at the main entrance of the building to provide any type of assistance necessary during an event including seat location/relocation, lost & found, etc.

RV Parking

The Yakima Valley SunDome at State Fair Park offers parking space for up 180 RV units on the Southeast end of the grounds. As of January 1, 2017 rates are $30 per night. The RV park does have restroom/shower facilities available for use.

Yakima Valley SunDome Seating Maps

Rigging Information

The SunDome has a suspended bull dog grid at the North end of the Arena. The grid is made up of aluminum components. The grid is 80' wide and 60' deep. The first 20' downstage width is 100'. The assembled truss is capable of supporting a dispersed load of 80,000 pounds and single point loads in excess of 3,000 pounds on the rigging point throughout the truss. Where the grid is suspended from existing inserts at 8'0" OC in the arch ribs the average load applied to the bolts in these inserts shall not exceed 3,000 lbs. Nor shall any one bolt be loaded in excess of 5,000 lbs. See Rigging Diagram.
NOTE: For those events that will not be staged under the grid, a crane and crane operator will be required to rig the show.

For further information regarding the grid and show rigging contact Kris Ramsey, Events Coordinator at (509) 248-7160, ext. 107 or at

Technical Information/Rates

For concerts the distance from North end wall to the Arena is 5 feet from upstage center.
Service 1 600 amps North Center Upstage/20’
Service 2 .150 amps West End Upstage/5’
Service 3 .150 amps East End Upstage/5’
Service 4 .1200 amps Upstage Left 200’
Service 5 .200 amps Stage Left 100’
All services are 3-phase (3 hots, ground and neutral.) All wiring and cables must be IAW NEC.

4 - Lycian 2.5: two (2) spotlights D.S. Center, one (1) stage left, one (1) stage right.
Note: Spotlights are not movable due to power requirements.

House stage, stage right, 60'w x 40'd. Numerous stage size configurations are possible. Ask the Events Manager for various size options.

Back Stage Electric is our exclusive electrician. Gary Evans, Owner can be reached at (509) 930-0380.

Business Service Rates

Bear Event Services is our exclusive decorator.

Internet/WIFI Services are available through local internet providers. Please ask our Events Coordinator about scheduling these services to be available.

Other Services
Spotlight w/out Operator $90/day
Forklift w/ Operator $36/hr (1 hour minimum)
Tractor w/ Operator $240/event
Sani-Can $150/each
Eight or Six Foot Table $10/day
Round Banquet Table $10/day
Chair $1.50/day
Stage 4'x8' decks $12/per deck
Risers 4’ x 8’ decks $12/per deck
Metal Barricade $12/each
Chain Link Fence (10' section): $25 per section
Rodeo Dirt $500/event
HVAC Filter/Rodeo $300/event
Towels $30/dozen
Crane & Operator Actual Cost
Dumpsters (20 yard) $250
Electrical Inspection Fee Actual Cost
Sound System $300/event
(Includes mixer, amplifier, speakers and two microphones.)
Note: All technical service rates are subject to change without advance notice.
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