Did you know that during our 10-day annual Fair, the Central Washington State Fair is the Yakima Valley’s largest classroom?

This year, students had a chance to learn about the agricultural roots of Yakima. Through the Fair’s Foundation, we were able to fund 500 students from across the Valley to participate in the 2022 Central Washington State Fair Student Field Trip Program.

“Our kids really enjoyed their time at the fair! I loved that they were able to go to so many places, do some make and takes, and see the animals! I think this is a great program. It went along with some of our curriculum and our school garden!” -Cheanna Siekawitch, K-2 Teacher

Here’s how you can help.
Our Goal for the 2023 Central Washington State Fair is to bring 2,000 students from across the Yakima Valley to participate in the Fair’s School Field Trip Program. The cost per student is $25.00.

With your help, we can continue delivering on the Fair’s mission of agriculture and youth education and engage even more students next year. For many students, this is the first time they have been able to interact with livestock, smell and touch freshly picked hops, or learn how to build a circuit board in the STEM Building. Together we can help the next generation learn about the rich agricultural history of our Valley and inspire them to be part of it.

For more information on this program and other ways to support the CWFA please contact Marlo McCrea at (509) 248-7160 x206 or
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