Carnival Rides / Midway

Opening Times
Friday - Monday: Noon
Tuesday - Thursday: 3pm (Kiddie Land opens at 1pm!)

Regular Price
Monday - Thursday: $40
Friday - Sunday: $45
Individual Tickets
$1 per ticket (rides require 3-5 tickets each)

Presale Discount Carnival Wristbands - $34

Cashless Midway

Butler Amusements operates a “cashless” midway. Only our food concessions, ticket boxes and ticket kiosks directly accept cash, debit card, and credit cards. Customers first visit a ticket box. They will be presented with the option to redeem an advance sale carnival voucher for a ‘smart’ wristband and they have the opportunity to purchase a smart card in order to play carnival games. The second option is to purchase an unlimited ride ‘smart’ wristband, and have the opportunity to purchase a smart card in order to play carnival games. The third option is to purchase game credits and individual ride credits which are tracked by a provided smart card.
The ticket kiosks are a convenient way for customers to reload their smart card, check their card balance and track their purchases.
The smart cards can be reloaded at ticket kiosks and at ticket boxes.
Credits can be used interchangeably for rides and games plays.

Butler Amusements, one of the west coast’s top carnival companies, returns as our carnival once again! Butler continues to serve us well and we’re pleased to have worked with them since the early 1990’s. To visit Butler’s website, click the Butler logo to the right.

Important Information

The following information is important as it relates to the carnival rides:
No casts.
No expecting mothers.
No intoxicated persons.
Infants are not allowed on carnival rides.

Children under 36" cannot ride any carnival rides and children who measure 36-48 inches tall can only ride a few select rides.

All riders must have either a ride wristband or carnival coupons.
Riders require 3-5 coupons each.

Some rides require two people.
All rides have height and/or weight restrictions.
Some rides cannot operate in the rain or high winds.
Some rides may be closed for maintenance.
Check availability before purchase.
No refunds or exchanges.
Ride tickets/coupons do not expire.(Children measuring 32-36 inches may ride the carousel with a paying adult.)

Butler Amusements Ride Safety

Butler Ride Inspections:
All rides that operate in the state of California are inspected and permitted on an annual basis by California state inspectors. In addition, many Butler rides have already been inspected during the 2017 operating season four (4) times by private, independent inspectors before arriving in the state of Washington.

Butlers also perform a through internal, ride specific, daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual inspection of all rides onsite during each event.

In addition to what has been mentioned during the operating season, we are also subject to other independent and state inspectors including regular inspections by Washington State Labor & Industries.

2023 Rides

Ride Name # of Tickets Ride Alone
Giant Wheel 5 48"
Rockstar 5 42"
Zillerator Coaster 5 48"
Area 51 4 48"
Freak Out 5 47"
Typhoon 5 52"
Yo-Yo 4 42"
Century Wheel 5 42"
Shake Up 5 52"
Crown Merry Go Round 4 42"
Wacky Worm Coaster 4 42"
Zipper 5 54"
Scrambler 3 42"
Tilt A Whirl 3 46"
Cliff Hanger 4 48"
Viper 4 44"
Scorpion 4 48"
T-Rex 5 52"
Ring of Fire 5 54"
Jump Around 3 36"
Airport 8 3 42"
Cycle Jump 3 36"-54"
Hot Rods 3 36"-54"
Super Slide 3 36"
Atlantis 3 42"
Happy Swings 3 36"-48"
Monkey Maze 4 42"
Lolli Swings 4 42"
Bear Affair 3 42"
Americana Carousel 3 42"
Jungle 4 42"
Voyager 4 42"
Wacky Shack Funhouse 3 36"
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