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Mission Statement and Vision

Mission Statement
Facilitate commerce, education, and leisure activities through production of the annual Central Washington State Fair and promotion and/or production of enterprise and public events throughout the calendar year with a commitment to:

• Preserve historical qualities and values of the site and facilities.
• Strategically improve land use, facilities, and infrastructure that respond to emerging markets and production demands.
• Administer a business plan focused on market penetration, economic performance, public service, and self-sufficiency.
• Produce or support diverse events including expositions, conferencing, trade, entertainment, sports, and education.
• Provide a safe, secure, friendly, and enjoyable environment.
• Extol the participation of social, civic and public groups, and individuals.
• Build on established traditions for future generations.

To be a premier multi-use showcase with emphasis on agricultural industries and grow State Fair Park production capacity as a regional events and entertainment center.

• Protect traditions, production, and economic development values.
• Maintain mission while enhancing production based on defined needs.
• Facilitate agriculture as a core principle without limiting strategic development or impeding full production capacity of State Fair Park.
• Implement a progressive capital improvement program facilitated by empowerments to the Central Washington Fair Association that provide for, and support, a leading-edge approach to overall operations.
• Ensure that quality and imaginative production experiences remain core values for the development and operations of State Fair Park.
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